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After they left a comment on our Guide to Denim article, I decided to check out DenimGeek’s website and I have to say, I was delighted with what I found.

The Straight Man’s Guide: #1 – Denim

The Straight Man's Guide: #1 - Denim

It’s strange to think that there are actually people alive in the UK and Europe to whom jeans were a completely new thing. Mainly introduced to these shores by US troops during World War II, jeans have become so ingrained as a fashion staple around the world that it is hard to imagine modern life without them.

Levi’s Vintage – Patchwork Jeans

Fresh off the production line at Levi’s Vintage are these fairly fashion-forward, heavily customised jeans… possibly not to everyone’s taste but look awesome if pulled off correctly. The shape looks fairly similar to a 501, with a slightly wider cut in the leg, leaning more towards the 503 or 758 (in the UK anyway, American [...]